Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Best Dad!

 Happy Late Birthday to my Dad! I love him so very much! God has truly blessed our family with such a kind, courageous, loving, and strong leader. He is a man that I love and respect and I know that he holds my heart with love and care! I am so thankful for a man in my life who is fully devoted to God's will and call upon his life. 
 He has touched many lives and by God's grace alone he will continue to do so until the Lord calls him home, but that of course won't be for a LONG time. 

So very handsome! ;-)

My wonderful parents.

Us girls with our HERO!!

The boys with their AWESOME Dad! (Can't you see the adoration in Zeke's eyes?)


  1. Yes, Naomi, I do agree. You do have a great Dad... I am so glad he has allowed God to use him by being an example and making an impact on so many other husbands and fathers... including my husband. I love leaning from your family! Hope you all had a great time yesterday celebrating Pastor's SPECIAL day! Happy (belated) birthday Pastor! We love you! ~ Mrs. Potvin

  2. Those pictures are so cool, I'll have to come over to see all of them :) Happy Birthday Pastor

  3. I hope and pray that someday my own daughters can truthfully say similar things about me.

    Truly beautiful words from a daughter to her father!

  4. Naomi
    Thanks for the post. It is a joy to see you love and honor your father. The pictures are awesome too. I am praying for you.
    Love Jackie Harper.

  5. That or "Didn't someone say something about candy? Do you have it?" LOL I love watching you all with your dad. Happy Birthday, Pastor!! Hope it's as wonderful as you are!!


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