Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Sweet Lydia

Happy Birthday to my sweet sister Lydia. She is so precious to me as are all of my siblings but today is her special day. She is now 7 years old!! I cannot believe it! It seems like only yesterday we were up with aunt April and we heard Dad say over the phone, "It's a girl!" We were excited then but little did we know what a sweet and "Precious" sister had been added to our family.
Warning! That face can melt hearts! 
Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?
What a sweetheart!

I love this girl!
Is that mischief I see?
She always has a smile
Look at those BLUE eyes!


  1. Happy Birthday Lydia Grace!!!! I am so glad that the Lord has blessed my life (as well as others) by putting you in it! I love you and hope you have a very special day today!!! Hugs, Mrs. Potvin

  2. Happy birthday my sweet sister!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Lydia!!! My wife couldn't have put it in words any better. You truly are a blessing to all you come in contact with. I always enjoy seeing you at church. Your smile brightens the room and encourages many people.

    God Bless you,

    Brother Rick Potvin
    Pr. 3:5-6

  4. she is soo beautiful-inside & out!


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