Monday, July 8, 2013

Our 4th of July!

 We all had a wonderful time on Independence Day! Both our neighbors on the right and on the left were able to join us for an amazing feast. We had many delectable dishes and a variety of beverages. 
But more important than the great food and the fun fellowship, it was a day to remember what the men and women fought for so many years ago. How grateful I am to those who fought for my freedom to worship The One True God! And now I desire to be among my generation of christians to rise up and defend that freedom so precious to us all! As a soldier of Jesus Christ in the army of God. 
 I hope that you all had a wonderful fourth of July! Here are some pictures of the festivities at our home.

Looks like somebody got engaged and decided to tell me by taking a photo! 

Need I tell you who took that out of the pie? 
Yes, this is she who tried my pie whilst I was away!

The feast that God provided!
My baby brothers!!! :-(

Which should I choose?
This one of course!

Just look at her bridal glow! :-)
The merry circle!

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie! 
Nope not twins!

My twin that is seven years younger than me.
My sweet Lydster!
I had to sample the filling for the deviled eggs!


  1. Looks like ya'll had a fun day! Such a precious family! You saved me some strawberry rhubarb pie, right? :-) Love you!

    ~Sarah S.

  2. We had a most wonderful day! Fun pictures for us to remember a fun day!

  3. Oh my! Zeke is getting so big! What a great post...I love the pictures. Love ya!

  4. Thanks for sharing the photos. Too fun! Were you all able to see any fireworks from your "summer home"? Hugs, Mrs. Potvin

  5. Unfortunately we were unable to see any fireworks this year but we will see them next year Lord willing!


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