Friday, July 19, 2013

Creepers Creeping

Creepers keep creeping on my blog,
Their comments have left me quite agog,
I need not your love nor your comments on beauty,
Father showers me with love, and compliments aplenty!

Oh Creeper my warnings must not go unheeded,
Know that your creeping is completely unneeded,
So creepers stop creeping stop one and stop all,
Its not very pleasant not pleasant at all!

~Naomi J. Houston


  1. LOVE THIS!!!!!! Hope they take your "advice"... because I enjoy reading your blog and would hate for anything to ruin it. Hugs, Mrs. Potvin

  2. sound like you are the next Dr sues! i am so glad i put the approval thing on my blog,right after i did, i got someone who cant type English tell me about their divorce, and this guy who cast a spell on them and made them get back together... sooo odd! <3 rayray

  3. Great poem, Naomi!!mhopefully those creepers will heed your warning and leave you alone.

  4. Love it!!! You are so hilarious! I hope that I don't know any of these strange individuals you are referring to??! :)

  5. I should have asked if I could borrow your poem for our blog. It IS creepy and I'm tired of it. Hugs, Mrs. Potvin

  6. This poem... it is nearly as beautiful as you are!

    Lol! Sorry, I couldn't resist poking a little fun at this one! ;)
    I hope these "creepers" cease and desist all creepy activity!

  7. You don't seem to be helping anything Gil!

    1. Comic relief can be helpful!

      I hope it made you laugh more than it creeped you out.
      I really do hope it stops though. It would bother me a lot too. In fact, it does, lol. Let me know if your dad and brothers want a creeper-hunting partner ;)

  8. your poem sounded like dr seuss-adult version ;)
    There will always be creepers around!
    I am betting that most of them we know (Gil's comment above) ;) haha

    Love ya!

  9. Thank you! Don't I know it! No kidding!!! Haha

  10. Yeah, she FINALLY approved one of my comments! ;)

  11. I didn't even know "agog" was a word. What a poem, pithy and informative!

    See, I read it...


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