Friday, December 27, 2013

Catch Up... Part One

This was too funny to pass up because it describes our life in the Houston house! Haha
 For those of you who may have come to the belief that I had dropped of the face of the planet. I am still here!!!!
 This year has been very crazy, as you already know, but this fall/winter has been crazy just in itself. Lots of birthdays (Ten to be exact!), four weddings, about three conferences, the birth of our youngest sibling (by c-section no less), an emergency appendectomy, our church's annual men's retreat, and last but not least Dad and Samuel leave for Uganda this Sunday afternoon. I'm feeling tired just typing this all out! Haha!
 But through all of this we have been given many wonderful blessings! We thank the Lord for a healthy mom and baby, for Anna being cancer free, that God allowed Samuel to go on his missions trip, and for life itself! 
 I pray that, although life may get busy around here, we never take what God has given us for granted and that we honor and glorify Him with all of the outcomes. He is The One who has been faithful through the hard and the good times. Never once during this long year have I felt that God abandoned my family and I. He gave me peace and joy through it all. One thing I am particularly thankful for was that  He gave me the gift of laughter through all! Yes I still had hard days! Everyone does. But His joy comes from an unexplainable source. 
 So a late Happy Birthday to Lydia, Zeke, Julia, Dad, Michael, Abby, Selah, Samuel, and last but not least Tirzah! (Oh and me of course!) ;-)
 I will be doing another post on our Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays so stay tuned in! :-)

I am so thankful for my wonderful family! (Tirzah is present you just can't really see her.)

Our last Sunday night ferry ride back to Seattle.

Happy late Birthday Lydia! I love you!!!!

My little buddy! Matching hair of course!

Does he look a little dazed from the kiss to you?

Our not so little Michael. :-(

Yes he is a ham!

Someone stole my phone again!

My little Trizah. <3

The new big brother. We all had to laugh that this looks like a third generation picture. :-(
Thank you Anna S. for capturing my goofy moment!


  1. Love the post! So glad to know you're still here and remember how to blog!! Lol. It has been a crazy,love,love your quote! Haha! God has been good through out every aspect of the year and has carried us through! Enjoyed the pics! love you!

  2. I am glad you are still alive, Naomi!! ;);) Though I completely understand. You have had a crazy life recently and I wouldn't have had time to post either. I love your pictures. Your family is wonderful. We will be praying for your Dad and Samuel while they are gone. it is kind of funny because I am in the middle of reading Kisses for Katie which takes place in Uganda and I have been thinking that I kind of want to go there someday :)
    Your quote is awesome and so true!!

  3. Haha LOVE the quote! This year has been filled with so many things. It reminds me of Ecclesiastes when it talks about there being a time for everything under the sun. It's been a year of faith testing and growing, and I've learned so much...most of which was from you all! I look forward to seeing what the Lord will do in the next year! Love you, dear friend! <3

  4. We can always praise God for what He teaches us throughout the years!

  5. Oh, Naomi, this was wonderful to read! I loved it and "hearing" your voice even if it be through words makes me feel connected still! I love the post too!


  6. I miss you and wish that you could be here! I am glad that this helped you feel connected though!

  7. Yay!!! You're back! Even though I see you at church... I STILL LOVE reading your posts. (I almost said "reading your thoughts". lol) Love the pics too! Your family is too funny! Seriously though, I am so glad to hear how the Lord has blessed you and your family.... it shows... even a midst the trials. Love you! Hugs, Mrs. Potvin


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