Saturday, June 21, 2014

A New Beginning

 I am sorry for the lack of posting for the last month. Life has been just a tad bit crazy with preparations for our grand trip to London, England. That and the fact that a cup of coffee was spilled on my laptop are the reasons you haven't heard from me lately.
 Please keep us all in your prayers as we leave day after tomorrow for our eleven day trip across the world. Pray that all little ones sleep soundly during the flights, and that our luggage arrives at the same time we do. (We have a connecting flight.)
 On to some exciting news! You have probably already heard that my family is starting a new website and we would like for you all to check it out. My personal blog posts are added onto our new website and I will be closing this one down and posting there from now on.
  We hope you enjoy all further Houston updates there from now on! God bless!

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